The Avalach Centre for Plant Study


What to expect from the workshops – learning outcomes and reading list.

The philosophy of Contemplative Plant Study (based on articles published in Vegan Views and The Herbalist).

On overview of our work (as published in Herbs Magazine).


Practical guidance on designing a herb wheel (as published in Permaculture Magazine).

Vegan organic growing on Arran (as published in the VON Growing Green International journal).


Support needed for expanding the Avalach Centre for Plant Study to a Vegan Organic Stockfree Growing Centre (as published in the Movement for Compassionate Living newsletter).

The evaluation of Goethean Science as a methodology for the investigation of medicinal plant properties with specific reference to Hawthorn. (M.Sc. Dissertation by Keith Robertson B.Sc. M.Sc. M.NIMH)


A discussion paper by Maureen and Keith Robertson on the future of appropriate herbal research first published in the Scottish Journal of Herbal Medicine Vol 1 Oct 2009 pg 51-55.