Scottish School of Herbal Medicine
One Year Correspondence Course

Thank you for your interest in the SSHM Herbal Correspondence Course. As you will perhaps have heard the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine has had to down size its operation in Glasgow due to the continued recession. Fortunately, I am happy to say that the popular introductory Herbal Correspondence Course is still available from our herb farm on the Isle of Arran; as it remains crucial that lay people and aspiring herbal students should still have access to this kind of quality info on herbs and health. I will be your tutor for your assignments and I have over 30 years experience in the field.

The course was designed as a home help course but also as an access course for our previous BSc. It has also been recognised officially so far by Lincoln University and the University of East London as an access course to their Herbal Degree programmes and informally by the other Uni’s and we have had a number of graduates of the Correspondence Course go on to study successfully on the other Herbal degree programmes at Middlesex and Westminster. As Uni entrance is always an individual affair you should check with the particular Uni concerned. It remains a great course for anyone interested in this fascinating area of knowledge and is a great test of whether this is a study you would like to take further. Herbs have always been the front line of defence for the human race as evidenced by the fact that the vast majority of drugs are based on them. Herbalists just prefer to cut out the middle men!
The course costs £450 and this includes all materials, marking, postage etc . There is an extra postal charge of £15 for Europe outside UK and £30 for the rest of the world. This covers all 3 modules.
As you have perhaps seen from the website ( ) the course is broken down into modules.

Course Structure
Designed for distance learning, the Correspondence Course takes 10 months (based on around 2-3 hours work per week) to complete. You will receive 3 direct mailings, each containing approximately three months work of text and worksheets. There are herbs to taste and small practical experiments for which all specialist materials & herbs are supplied. Enrolment is at any time throughout the year. As the course is designed to be completed over 10 months, if you are aiming to use the certificate as an access course for Uni, at any point, you should aim for this time scale in order to practice time management skills, meeting deadlines etc. If you wish to enrol more as a recreational learner and want to be more relaxed about this time frame, that is also fine. You then have a maximum of 20 months to complete the course; after this an agreed extension can be granted for a fee of £50. Returns Policy : you have a statutory period of 7 days from receiving this course to return it. Any refund is less postage and payment costs e.g. Pay-pal fees. After this period course fees are non refundable, although students with a medical certificate can apply for suspension of studies and complete the course at a later date. As to level of difficulty – it is aimed at a home help interest level and as a pre-course for full herbal training and many students have described it as an enjoyable and flexible learning experience. It is then up to you to decide how deeply you go into the subjects.

Course Modules.
We cover each of the major systems that comprise the human body, along with a discussion of the things that frequently go wrong with each one and what herbs can help. We also look in detail at some commonly used herbs, both for teas and herbal first-aid.
Each module is split into three parts of text and worksheets. (one part sent in each mailing):

  • Module 1: An Introduction to Herbal Medicine (Theory)
  • Module 2: An Introduction to Herbal Medicine (Practical)
  • Module 3: An Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology
  • Module 4: An Introduction to Life Sciences
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Chopping Herbs

On successful completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate from the School. Please note this does not constitute as a licence to practice professionally as a herbalist.

The course is an open access one so If you wish to enrol please or make cheques payable to “SSHM” and send to myself Keith Robertson, Drimlabarra Herb Farm, High Kildonan, Isle of Arran, Scotland. KA27 8SE or use the PayPal option below. You can also contact me at keith at for further info (as an anti spam measure please replace the at with @ in the e-mail address). If you do decide to embark on this course I look forward very much to working with you.

What previous graduates have said
“I really don’t want to send this last lesson in. I don’t want to stop. I really appreciate the knowledge shared and the new directions suggested. I really appreciate the education I was given” Sharon Walluk, Alaska.
This card comes with my final lot of assignments. Thank you so much for introducing me to the magical world of herbs- I have just loved the whole course!” Victoria Martin, Shropshire.

Course Fees