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Drimlabarra Herb Farm

Welcome to Drimlabarra Herb Farm on the Isle of Arran. Situated at the southern end of one of Scotland’s most beautiful but accessible islands, we offer practical herbal medicine courses, individual herbal well being consultations and workshops in sustainable living. Established in 2000 by world recognised Traditional Medical Herbalists,  Keith Robertson and Maureen Robertson, the farm is run on Veganic/Stockfree lines combining vegan (100% vegetarian) and organic philosophy.
We are in effect, a Vegan sanctuary and retreat centre, dedicated to researching planetary health via herbal treatments, diet, cooking and raw food and practical hands-on green living.
Our interest lies in community building and cooperation. We offer many ways people can participate through interactive learning including attendance at workshops, individual consultations, apprenticeships  and open day visits.


 Photograph by Kieran Robertson
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